Parcel collection : delivery to simplify your life !
Make your delivery to, simplify your life !


Service available ONLY on CESSY


Document to download and return completed, signed with an ID to us.
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Are you awaiting delivery from Amazon, e-bay, etc., a parcel and afraid of not being home to receive it ?

No time to stand in line at the post office to collect your goods ?

Are you afraid of having a package left unguarded on your doorstep? Do you need a delivery address in France?

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We organize the reception of your packages for you at a secure location. As soon as we have received your goods, we inform you of its delivery by phone or mail.

·         Package ≤ 15 kg or length inferior to 1 m = 5 € per package for 72 h storage

·         Package between 15 kg  and 30 kg or length between 1 and 2 meters or under 1m3 = 8 € per package for 72 h storage

·         Wooden Pallet = 15 € per pallet for 72 h storage

·        Special parcel: more than 30 kg or 2m lenght : quote on request

Parcel non collected before 72 hours would be charged 3€ per day per parcel. Over 60 days of storage, selfBOX would be allowed to trash it or send it back to the retailer.

We  do not accept credit cards under 15 €. Cash payments must be in Euros, Swiss Francs are not accepted.

SelfBox cannot be responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any sort during transport. SelfBox does not ensure the return/reshipment of delivered products.


Monday to Saturday from 9h00 to 13h00 ONLY on CESSY

Register HERE: Please, send us the parcel collection general terms and your ID